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Professional Fauna Management



Call WILD Snake Catchers

Keep children and pets clear

Do not approach the snake

Try to keep an eye on it's location for ease of capture

Take a photo from a distance for identification

Kane Durrant

Kane Durrant

Snake Catcher

My name is Kane Durrant and I am a passionate wildlife conservationist. Snakes have fascinated me since a young age and I have been handling them my whole life.

It is through this interaction with snakes that I was able to gain the knowledge and experience to be able to offer snake catching as a professional service.


“Kane was fast and professional when we had a Red Bellied Black Snake in our yard ”

Liverpool NSW

“Thank you for removing the snakes that had taken up residence in our pool area. OMG!”

Holsworthy NSW

“What a relief to be rid of that Brown Snake from the garage. Thanks guys!”

Camden NSW

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